What is it that you like about your job as a teacher?

How long do you need to think before answering?

What if somebody gave you a short list of aspects to consider in analysing what you like or dislike about your job? Wouldn’t that make it easier for you, especially if trying to answer in a foreign language? With the features listed in front of you, you could simply focus on pulling the necessary language resources to say what you have in mind.

On the back of the list of features you could also have an overview of typical language structures you need to explain the good and the not-so-good aspects of your job. For instance, how to say that something is very important to you in a job, or not; or how much you prefer something, or whether you don’t really mind that aspect; or how to compare different aspects to say that one is much more significant, or much more rewarding to you.

This is what we have put together in the activity below. You can use it with students at CEFR levels B1 to B2, because it is up to you which language areas you choose to focus and expand on, and to what extent you consolidate particular language competences, such as linking and structuring ideas, comparing things, or interacting with a partner. Download the activity and tell us if, and how, it worked with your students!

B1 / B2 Discuss jobs

B1 / B2 Business: Discuss jobs

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