In this post we are suggesting a lesson plan aiming to build students’ ability to understand short texts such as notes, signs, or notices. Such texts are used in the Cambridge English B1 Preliminary exam, more specifically in Part 1 of the Reading and Writing paper. This task presents candidates with a number of signs, notes, or notices, as well as a 3-option multiple choice comprehension question attached to each of the texts.

The lesson includes two activities alongside the B1 Preliminary for Schools Part 1 task. The first activity is meant to make students aware of the importance of understanding the communicative context before attempting to select an answer. 

The second activity directs students’ attention to paraphrases, which will be the key to the correct answers. Optionally, you may use the exam task directly and discuss each of the three choices and check the paraphrases.

You can use the activities even if you don’t prepare students for the Cambridge English B1 Preliminary exam, as the material builds language skills necessary at CEFR levels A2 / B1 (understanding gist, recognising paraphrase).

We are attaching the lesson material to this post, but you can find more resources on our central website (, here

View or download the lesson by clicking here:

Understand signs and notices

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