Whether you are preparing your students for B1 Business Preliminary, or you are simply teaching a general Business English course at CEFR level B1, this wordlist might come in handy. It’s a useful guide on what vocabulary to teach and at what level of complexity.

The list does not cover all words that can possibly come up in the B1 Business Preliminary question papers: think, for example, of words that should have been learnt at level A2! So your students might be expected to know other words than those listed in this document.

One other mention: the list also includes receptive, not only productive vocabulary. This means that not all the words in this list may be expected to be used actively by your students at B1 level. Some of the entries are words that typical B1 Business Preliminary candidates will simply understand when finding them in texts.

A final question is, of course, what exactly to do with a wordlist.

One answer is: you may use it for your own reference, when planning what vocabulary resources to look for, in your books or online.

Another possible answer is: you may actively design your own vocabulary practice activities using simple online tools. Matching, multiple choice, or word games can be easily designed and depending on the tool, printed out for class or solved on the computer screen by your students.

You might want to try out these sources, for a start:




Enjoy teaching the words your students need!


B1 Business Preliminary: wordlist

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