Some language tests don’t require candidates to have a specific ability level in order to pass. There is no pass or fail in such tests, only a score which is related to a level on a proficiency scale. These are called multi-level tests. Placement tests are by definition multi-level tests. Cambridge Assessment English has recently launched a multilevel test for institutions, called Linguaskill.

Cambridge English Qualifications, in contrast, are level-based exams, which means that candidates are expected to demonstrate language skills at a specific level. There is a pass or fail, as well as several grades to mark the degree of achievement.

Multi-level tests are primarily a measurement tool, used for selection, placement, recruitment, diagnostic etc purposes. Cambridge English Qualifications, as level-based exams, are also a highly qualitative and in-depth measurement tool. By contrast to multi-level tests, however, our Qualifications can – and often indeed are – used for teaching and learning purposes.

Cambridge English Qualifications support learning – and teaching – in an all-round process from setting learning objectives to selecting tasks and activities, including teacher monitoring and feedback, and moving on either to remedial work or to the next objectives. this process is called Learning Oriented Assessment. Watch this short video on our YouTube channel to get the overview of this process, and to understand how using our exams can support your teaching, and your students’ learning.

Cambridge English exams and learning oriented assessment
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