Every teacher has their starting point in their professional training, as well as their own development goals. How would you like to develop? What other skills would you like to acquire in your teaching of English?

In case you cannot ignore the ongoing debates over digital learning, educational technology (EdTech) and pedagogy, or over meeting our students’ expectations as digital natives, this post is proposing a developmental goal that you could find exciting: build your digital skills to be better able to integrate technology into your class.

The Digital Teacher is a free professional development website from Cambridge Assessment English, which aims to help you find your learning path in using technology for language teaching. For this purpose, the Digital Teacher framework can boost your confidence using digital tools in your class, while helping you build the knowledge and skills that you can use to inspire your learners in their language learning.

What can you do with the Digital Teacher Framework?

First of all, you can evaluate your current knowledge and skills related to EdTech and find your starting point by using our self-evaluation tool, Test my Digital Skills. It’s very much like testing your students at the start of a course, to see their present level of ability.

You can use the tool to test your skills in one or more categories of the Digital Framework, depending on what your interests or needs are, and you can come back to the test or re-take it at any time.

Your results page will give your overall level – Awareness, Understanding, Habit or Mastery – for each category as you complete it.

Second, you can explore and find appropriate digital tools for your context and try them out:

  • you can read reviews of various digital products or tools, getting inspired as to the possibilities that technology offers for teaching;
  • you can download lesson plans, so that integrating technology in your lessons becomes piece of cake.

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, there is your learning. You can develop new skills and learn how to use technology in way that supports learning. There is a specially designated area for Training, where you can watch a video or read an introductory material, followed by a lesson plan for you to try out.

The Digital Teacher Framework is a principled guide for your professional development in the field of educational technology. It is a road-map that helps you draw out the journey from your present skills to the ones you wish to attain. 

Use the Digital Teacher Framework
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