Try out this activity with your class if you are practising comparing and contrasting pictures, which is a speaking task that many schools use in their oral evaluations within the regular English courses, or as part of oral final exams.

The video simulates speaking in real time, in an examination room. Students can do it at home, practising several times and sending you a recording of their performance for feedback. You can also choose to use the video in class and ask for volunteers to provide the response. This could follow a practice stage during which students worked in pairs comparing and contrasting pictures by delivering long turns (speaking on their own for at least one minute, for example).

You can use this video in your general English class, if you wish to add an extra challenge to your students. The activity will be particularly useful for students preparing for B2 First.

You can find this video on our YouTube Channel (see link in the sidebar).

Dive in: speak live!

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