Are you teaching your first Cambridge English preparation course, and you are worried you might lose track of something important?

Or are you under pressure to put all the information together, from promoting the course to actually running it and making sure you register you students in time for their Cambridge exam?

We stand by you, so you need not worry about missing important things. Just focus on what you do best: teaching. Let us bring you the rest to your fingertips.

We’ll be by your side during your first Cambridge preparation course.

We have written some materials especially for you, in the Do it! programme. Others we have picked from different places on our website in order to give you the most helpful information bundle for your first Cambridge English course.

Follow Do it! It costs nothing, but it brings you the extra helping hand you might need.

The Do it! programme 2019-2020 has just opened, we hope you will find its resources useful.

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The Do it! programme starts in August and runs until April each year. Here is the overview (for Inspire! teachers).

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