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  • Learning English Step by Step with Cambridge English Exams “For every learner, every step of the way” is what guides and motivates us at Cambridge Assessment English. But what does this step-by-step view consist in? The advantages of moving up the Cambridge English learning ladder, exam by exam, are:
  • Why adopt Cambridge English Exams? Adopting Cambridge English exams in your teaching, in your school, involves considerably more benefits than just enabling your students to obtain an international certificate. Integrating our exams in your school’s educational portfolio, as well as in your classes, has a great beneficial impact not only on your students, but on your institution and on your ...
  • Cambridge English exams get stamp of approval from European body Cambridge English Qualifications certify English language skills at a specific CEFR level – but how are Cambridge English exams themselves certified as quality assessments? One quick answer lies in the broad recognition that Cambridge English certificates enjoy, whether it is for university admission, immigration, career development, or simply work-and-travel. Over twenty thousand recognizing organisations in the ...
  • Recognition of Cambridge English certificates Cambridge English certificates – a powerful name among English language certificates with international recognition. Ask any university around the world about the top three official proofs of English language skills, and the name Cambridge English will certainly be among them. Over twenty thousand (20,000) organisations worldwide officially recognize Cambridge certificates, according to our database, but ...