Have you got experience preparing students for Cambridge English Qualifications?

This is your special area. You probably know our practice tests by heart, and you’d like to get something new for your English class from time to time. Or you may wonder how other teachers are preparing their students.

Within the Inspire! programme you have access to all the resources in Try it! and in Do it!. Plus extra teaching material to use with your students, added regularly just for your exclusive access.

We’d like to hear your stories. How you run your course, how you integrate it with your school curriculum, what materials you use and how. Talk to us, and we’ll share your stories with your colleagues in the Inspire! programme.

Choose Inspire! We hope it will inspire you. So you can keep on inspiring your students.

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We post new teaching resources periodically. Some of them are only suitable for your Cambridge exam preparation courses, but others can be used in your regular English teaching hours.

For your learning

This is where we post content we think could help you teach better, enjoy your teaching more, or grow professionally.


Here you find practical information about running your preparation courses, news about exams, or reports from fellow teachers on how they prepare their students for Cambridge English Qualifications.

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Questions, or ideas?

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We are happy to collect your ideas and contributions in the form of a testimonial or an Erfahrungsbericht about how you prepare students for Cambridge English exams.