At Cambridge Assessment English we help millions of people learn English and prove their skills to the world.  We asked teachers and school leaders their views about the impact our qualifications have on learning and teaching.  Their confidence in us is clear and shown by the global reach and impact of this survey with nearly 6,000 responses from 109 countries. 

Watch this short video which summarises the survey findings.

Our qualifications make a difference with 95% agreeing they improve students’ English.  Our in-depth exams support your students to develop their language skills and improve their English step by step. The qualifications are rewarding, inspiring and help learners to demonstrate and fulfil their potential.

Each of our qualifications targets a particular level of the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR) and provides a clear focus for study programmes. 88% agree our qualifications provide a clear curriculum framework to follow, with clear milestones.

We offer a seamless journey from Pre A1 Starters to C2 Proficiency. As language learning can be a long process, it’s important to have regular milestones to aim for – our exams provide focus and pace to keep your students motivated, every step of the way.  Feedback from our survey shows that 9/10 respondents agree that Cambridge English Qualifications have a positive effect on students’ motivation.

Latest impact survey: Cambridge English Qualifications and their impact on teaching and learning

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