Paraphrasing, or expressing the same idea in different words, is a key skill in all papers of Cambridge English exams. As it is in real life, actually.

In this post we have selected a lesson plan that you can use in your Business English lesson at CEFR level B2, whether or not your students are preparing for a Cambridge English exam. The lesson provides practice identifying language functions, as well as in identifying the gist of a short text. Although it is based on a Listening task, no audio files are required, as students work with the audio scripts, as if it were a Reading task. At specific times during the lesson you may read out some of the short passages included, in this way integrating the reading and language work with listening.

We hope you find this lesson useful in your Business English class!

Download the lesson here.
Download the B2 Business Vantage Listening lesson here.

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Listening and language functions: B2 Business Vantage

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