If you would like to quickly proofread and evaluate a text against the CEFR levels, there is a solution at hand: it’s Write & Improve, a digital tool designed by Cambridge Assessment English and an external partner.

Students can choose their level (beginner, intermediate, advanced) and select a task accordingly. The writing tasks provided are based on exam tasks in Cambridge English exams from A2 Key to C2 Proficiency. Alternatively, students can create their own task.

Users type their texts on Write & Improve, click Submit, and receive virtually instant feedback, as well as a holistic assessment oriented on the CEFR scale. If users amend their text and re-submit, their progress is saved and shown on a graph.

Write & Improve is free, easy to use and the only tool that evaluates writing in relation to the CEFR. It helps learners reflect on their errors and this way improve their writing.

You can advise students to use Write & Improve as a checking tool before handing in their written assignments. This will hopefully reduce your workload correcting such assignments.

You might also like to use Write & Improve occasionally in class, to stimulate discussion over the issues detected by the tool.

Sometimes you would like to assess the overall CEFR level of a text that a student has produced, or of a text that you found on the internet and you would like to use in class. For example, you would like to use a news report with your intermediate-level students, but you are not sure whether the original text may be too demanding. You can check it with Write & Improve to see what level of difficulty it most likely is.

Why don’t you integrate Write & Improve in your teaching? This video might inspire you.

Writing feedback and CEFR assessment
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